An interview with RealMusic Events

Article by: Brandon Castro
Image Credit: Clark Terrell


Seismic Dance Event will be the first independent festival undertaking from RealMusic Events, and it’s got a lineup to compete with the some of the best house music festivals in the country. I sat down with Andrew Parsons and Kelly Gray to discuss everything from the vision of the festival, to the self-sacrificial pain of putting something of this magnitude on.

With their expertise firmly rooted in club events, moving to a festival-sized event meant the opportunity to create something unique. As Kelly put it, “we’ve known that we wanted to work up to being able to do this for years now. Ultimately everything we have done exists because we’re music lovers first and foremost . . . We can’t stop thinking of all the ideas that we have and how we want to produce something for people to enjoy.” The vision of the festival holds true to what RealMusic Events has built a devout following on, “intimate experiences with quality artists and quality production, but with a slightly different spin on it.”

That spin turned out to curating an event with musical direction that Texas has never seen before. While the biggest festivals in the state continue to focus on mainstage EDM and crossover crowds, RealMusic Events chose to stay true to their belief in house music and book across the spectrum. Every style is represented, from Green Velvet’s tech-house bangers to melodic deep-house with Lane 8. In their own words, “we’ve found that our sweet spot has definitely been within the niche of the house music scene.” This lineup will be taken a step further by making sure that the event isn’t solely a stage with music on it, but rather a combination of music and community inspired by events like Dirtybird Campout and Holy Ship. Their target audience, described as “folks that are really big aficionados of dance music but they also like to get weird and vibey and quirky” sound like the kind of people you definitely want to party with. This all ties in with their overall mission of curating an event in line with their vision as promoters. As Andrew put it, “We are going for more boutique kind of feel, not trying to blow it out with ten, twenty thousand people, that isn’t what our vision entails. . . keeping it more intimate is important. “

Even though Seismic will be the first time RealMusic is throwing a new festival by themselves, they earned some crucial experience through producing DirtyBird BBQ and Anjunadeep Open Air earlier this summer. These highly coveted outdoor events were both a major honor and significant undertaking for introductory festival executions within a 3 week time span of one another.  Kelly opened her explanation of producing them with a playful