Seismic 3.0 Revealed!

Happy to announce that with the overwhelmingly positive response to Seismic Dance Event 2.0 AND the fact that the Austin American-Statesman will be redeveloped after next year, we wanted to get ONE more use out of this incredible venue…. SO we proudly present: Seismic 3.0 (Spring Edition) on Memorial Day Weekend May 22nd & 23rd. ๐Ÿ’ฃ

—> Sign up for pre-sale access and win really cool prizes like VIP tables or FREE tix here:

—> Tickets go on sale Wedsnesday 12/11 @ 2pm CT. 

Pre-sales end 12/11 at 10am CT. Discount codes will go out to those who signed up, as well as loyalty codes for previous 1.0 & 2.0 ticket buyers! These discounted pre-sales are a limited supply so jump on them when you can as soon as they go live. 

—> Payment plans & squad packs will be available!

[Full disclosure, we understand Memorial Day Weekend is a busy weekend around the country in terms of events and we fully intend for Seismic to remain primarily a fall brand, but with this narrow window opportunity to utilize the beautiful venue one last time in conjunction with our headliners’ availability, we are excited to offer this one-off Spring edition and an earlier return sounds mighty fine for 2020.]

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