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4.0 Recap Movie and Photos

Relive the Seismic 4.0 magic with the official recap vid and photo albums…

Official Afters!

Your official after party plans are here for each night!

Timeslots by Stage

Timeslots are here by stage! By day grid coming next so you can plan accordingly 😉

Daily lineup is here!

See which artists play which day with the daily lineup reveal.

Full lineup drop

Full lineup of seismic proportions!

Artist Sneak Peek

First few artists have been unveiled for this November!

Seismic 4.0 is brewin

Check the Spring edition albums and get ready for the 4.0 lineup drop!

Seismic 3.3 Wrap-Up

We closed out a whirlwind of a weekend and are overwhelmed with all the emotions that we experienced together on the roller coaster ride that was executing one of the first festivals back since the pandemic.

Saturday Programming Canceled

Saturday festival programming has been canceled due to damages from earlier storms.

Final Event Update + Map + Daily Schedule

It’s game day! Check your emails for final know-before-you-go details and check out the festival grounds map here + daily schedule to plan accordingly… 🙂