That Seismic 2.0 Aftershock

Wow… we are STILL. fully. shook. from Seismic Dance Event 2.0.

Overall, what a monumental weekend, and we cannot thank you all enough, from the bottom of our hearts for being such an integral part of this special moment in time. The amount of feedback we hear repeatedly from those near & far on just how incredible the crowd and vibe is at Seismic is a tribute to you all and this love we share together for proper house, techno, & underground music culture. 

You’ve surely seen, but most of the amazing photo albums are up on our Facebook page now with one more to come! We’ll soon be adding these to our web gallery here but for now, you can grovel over the sights to see & the amazing fan photos on Facebook! Be sure to tag yourself & your friends. 🙂 Stay tuned for that final album and the recap vid!

What was our 2.0 Highlight? The Volcano stage production, the perfect pairing of the Austin skyline with the Tsunami stage, the stunning performers, and seeing all the awesome photos & videos you guys took at the light-up art installations were for sure the general highlights for us. But if we want to get extra specific… that Cirez D set was beyond what one could imagine. All together a mind blowing set and light show bringing the Volcano stage production to heights one just does not see often (or ever) in a lifetime. It was definitely a highlight to remember, to say the least, and bonus points: we can all relive the magic since he proudly released his Seismic set via his own Epic Radio on Beats 1!

Catch the most epic episode (#28) here. In his own words, “the atmosphere in this venue was electric. You could almost taste it.” 

Don’t take just our word for it, checkout some of these press reviews of Seismic 2.0:

While we’re still floating on cloud 9 ad reflecting on the lessons learned (of course there are always lessons learned)… we are excited af to shift gears into Seismic 3.0 for an early Spring Edition return 5/22 & 5/23 2020!

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