All following information and FAQ’s pertain to Seismic Dance Event 5.0. Please stay tuned for information, updates, and more for Seismic Spring [lite edition] and Seismic Dance Event 6.0!

Seismic Dance Event is located in Austin, TX over 10 acres of land by the south terminal of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport at The Concourse Project (8509 Burleson Road).

Seismic 5.0 will return to the indoor/outdoor experience over the The Concourse Project grounds. The Volcano stage is indoors and Tsunami and Frequency are located outdoors.

Check out our applications for volunteers, media, press, art installations & painters, etc. here!

Yes! We are hosting one official after party after each night located right on site, inside the main room at The Concourse Project (aka The Volcano Stage). 

Friday: Charlotte de Witte + Enrico Sangiuliano + Sama’ Abdulhadi

Saturday: The Martinez Brothers + Kevin De Vries + Coco and Breezy

Sunday: Gorgon City + Colyn + Miss Monique

Find all after party tickets here!


Your tickets should have been emailed or located within the ticketing app. Please bring the following items in order to pick up your wristband at box office.

  • – License / ID
  • – Festival ticket via Tixr ticket confirmation QR code (best to open tixr app to present QR code) 
  • – Credit card / debit card to connect to your RFID wristband

VIP admission and experience includes the following:

  • – VIP lanes for box office & entrance 
  • – VIP lounges, bars, & comfort stations
  • – VIP viewing areas and risers including elevated decking at Tsunami stage, upstairs at Volcano
  • – Additional VIP perks & amenities in the lounges

Yes! 3-day pass upgrades can be purchased online on our ticket link here.

For single day upgrades, please contact us at to further assist.

Yes! As long as VIP passes are still available, you can purchase an upgrade on site upon arrival at the box office!

Yep! As long as VIP passes are still available we can do this for you! Here’s how:
-Go to the Activation Station at the front of the festival
-Ask one of our volunteers to coordinate with box office to make sure we have VIP passes available
-If VIP passes are available, our volunteer will escort you to the box office to purchase your upgrade!

As a default, customers are allowed to transfer their tickets in the See Tickets ticketing system. Log in to your See Tickets account at See help article here

Keep in mind that this is a Friends and Family transfer system. Please only do transfers with people you know and trust as we are not responsible for issues that arise between ticket transfers.  Please contact See Tickets support with any further questions.

If the event or a particular day sells out, no. We encourage you to secure tickets before they sell out.

Exact final date for opting in is TBD. The last chance is typically 2 months prior to the festival (unless already sold out) and final payment is a month prior to festival. 

More info:

  • – You will pay the full ticket price divided into recurring monthly payments until the final payment date (your payment dates will be listed at checkout on the ticketing platform).
  • – Tickets must be paid by the final payment date in order for your tickets to be valid.
  • – You may update the credit card on your payment plan at any time by saving a credit card to your account and selecting the new card in Payment Plan Details.
  • – You may cancel your order in the middle of a payment plan, but in doing so you agree to forfeit all funds from previous payments. Refunds on voluntarily canceled orders are not permitted.
  • – If a payment fails, you have 10 days to update your payment method before your order is canceled. Refunds on canceled orders due to failed payments are not permitted.

All tickets are final sale and non-refundable under any circumstance. Tickets purchased are for the overall event experience. Please note that programming, lineup,  and format are subject to changes and is not cause for refund.

We have partnered with Lyte Ticket Exchange to provide a safe and secure way to sell and purchase tickets. See “Lyte Ticket Exchange FAQ” below for more info!

Scammers be gone! We have partnered with Lyte Ticket Exchange to provide a safe and secure way to sell and purchase tickets. See “Lyte Ticket Exchange FAQ” below for more info! 


Seismic Dance Event has partnered with Lyte to give fans the option to safely sell or transfer their tickets. Visit the Official Seismic Dance Event 5.0 Ticket Exchange to sell or transfer your ticket directly to a friend or another fan. The Private Exchange ensures authenticity for buyers and provides security for ticket holders. You can use Private Exchange for any ticket type, sold out or not.

Unlike traditional secondary market sites, Lyte has been granted a direct integration with select primary ticketing companies, ensuring a seamless and safe/secure transaction that is designed to protect the integrity of your ticket as a buyer or seller.

Select the “Sell or Transfer” option on the Official Seismic Dance Event 5.0 Ticket Exchange page and enter the email address that you purchased your tickets with. Select the tickets you want to create the link for. Only one ticket type can be sold per link – if you have multiple ticket types to sell, you will have to create a separate link. Set the price you wish to sell your tickets for and enter your PayPal email. For ticket transfers, there may be an associated fee. You are now ready to share your link as desired!

Yes! When creating your link, you will have the option to set your custom price. Please note that there will be a limit on the maximum pricing that you can sell for. 

If you are selling or transferring your ticket, you will not be charged a fee. If you are buying the ticket, you will be charged a fee. This fee varies based on the amount of tickets you are buying or receiving from the seller.

Log into your Lyte account or visit the email you received when the link was created. From here, you will view the selling dashboard and select “end listing”. Once you cancel your listing, your ticket will still be in your possession, or you can attempt to return on the exchange as well. 

You will receive your funds via PayPal 3 business days after the event. The funds will go to the PayPal account email entered when creating the Private Exchange link. If you do not have an active PayPal account, please be sure to create one and register your account.

Lyte’s customer support is standing by for you. Contact them here and they will get right back to you.


There are no ins & outs from the festival grounds during one given event day.

Yes, parking will be available on site. Click here to purchase a parking pass. 

Yes! We will have a dedicated zone for pick up and drop offs.

Yes, we will have food trucks, including vegetarian & vegan options!

You may bring your own camelback or water bottle (unfilled) and fill it up on site. We will have water filling stations.

Yes! All RealMusic Events’ festivals are produced with sustainability as a priority. 

Our bar & food vendors offer only compostable or recyclable products, and we have an excellent clean up crew to help ensure we divert away from landfills. Please dispose of your waste appropriately to avoid landfill. Cups & utensils marked compostable as well as soiled paper go in the green compost bins. Aluminum, clean paper, plastics go in blue recycling bins.

Yes! We have lockers equipped with universal chargers for rent, weekend and single-day rentals available. Click here to purchase a locker.

Valid Forms of Identification:

  • – State Issued Driver’s License
  • – Passport
  • – Uniformed Services ID Card
  • – Foreign Driver’s License
  • – Expired Driver’s License AND State-Issued Temporary (Paper) ID

Yes, medications are allowed into the festival and campgrounds as long as they comply with the following:

  • – No over-the-counter medication is permitted unless in unopened, factory-sealed packaging.
  • – No vitamins or supplements of any kind are permitted.
  • – Prescription Medication can only be brought into the festival ground with the following:
  • – A valid photo ID (See list of acceptable forms of identification)
  • – Medication must be in original prescription bottle, in-date, legible, with name corresponding to photo ID;
  • – Only one type of medication per bottle (matching the description printed on bottle);
    Any prescription controlled substances may only be brought in quantities reasonable for your time at the festival.
  • – Unsure if your medication is a controlled substance? Check out a list here:

To ensure the safety of our Seismic Dance Event family, all vehicles, persons and property are subject to search at all times. Failure to consent to a search will result in denial of entry or ejection from the event.

Seismic Dance Event has a strict no-pet policy, with exceptions only for service animals as specified by federal and state law. Due to large-scale service animal fraud and for the safety of our patrons, staff, and other service animals, all animals which do not meet the legal standards will not be allowed into the festival grounds. All service animals must be registered at the entrance gates. Please note, dogs (or other animals) whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals by the ADA and and will not be allowed into the gates. For more info, visit

We want to make sure that all music lovers have access to the festival experience! The festival grounds are wheelchair accessible and ADA bathrooms are provided. Should you have any questions, or to request reasonable accommodation, please contact

We will have medical staff on site for the entire duration of Seismic Dance Event. Upon arrival, please take note of the location of our clearly-marked medical tent should you need to stop by throughout the weekend. If you need medical assistance, contact the nearest security official, staff member, ambassador, or medical staff, or go to one of the on-site medical tents. If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency or not, assume it is and get help immediately. All of our safety and medical staff are here to help you enjoy the festival and make it home safely – no judgements.

Your health, safety and security are always our top priority. Seismic Dance Event’s Safety Management team will continue to work closely with our public safety partners to raise our preparedness and ensure a safe, secure, and positive environment is provided for all attendees, artists, and staff.

While the event is a rain or shine festival… in the event there is lightning, severe winds, or high precipitation levels / potential flooding, or damage to festival grounds or production, we would have to evacuate the festival grounds as deemed by the official third party public safety team & meteorologist. This also pertains to the building of infrastructure leading up to the event. Should the event be fully cancelled (the whole weekend) or postponed due to inclement weather, we will alert ticket holders of options for the event cancellation or reschedule.

No unapproved professional cameras (cameras with detachable lenses)

Totems are ONLY allowed outside but not inside (Volcano Stage inside The Concourse Project main building). 

No totems constructed of metal pieces, sharpened elements, or are capable of being pounded into the ground or causing harm to others. Please be cognizant of surrounding attendees’ views and do not significantly obstruct anyone’s view. If your totem is deemed an issue, you may be asked to put it away.

Go to the Info booth (located at the official merch booth) during event hours or email afterwards.



All bags and persons are subject to search at any time. Any prohibited item that is surrendered to security at search points will not be returned. Please note, Festival Staff reserve the right to make the final decision on allowed and non-allowed items without notice.

  • – No large bags/backpacks larger than 10”x10”
  • – No ez ups or tents
  • – No laser pointers (immediate ejection)
  • – No weapons. No items that can be used as a weapon
  • – No illegal/harmful substances
  • – No motorized vehicles of any kind
  • – No fireworks or any other kind of explosive
  • – No non-compliant medications
  • – No unsealed over-the-counter medications
  • – No vitamins or supplements
  • – No pets (as much as we love them)
  • – No large flashlights/spotlights (larger than pocket sized)
  • – No amplified sound equipment
  • – No airhorns
  • – No instruments
  • – No whistles
  • – No outside beverages or food
  • – No pacifiers
  • – No totems that are constructed of metal pieces, sharpened elements, or are capable of being pounded into the ground or causing harm to others.
  • – No professional recording equipment — photo, video or audio (dslrs, detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs) *small go pros or compact camera are allowed*
  • – No drones
  • – No war bonnet style, traditional Native American headdresses.

*Rule of thumb* If the item or look in question is traditionally used by a community or culture other than your own to express religious beliefs, political statements, or respected status within that culture, leave it alone.

  • – Camelbacks & hydration canteens are allowed (empty upon entrance) 
  • – Vapes are allowed. No cigarette smoking in or near crowds. Smoke away from other patrons in open, vacant areas.
  • – Parasols & umbrellas are allowed due to sun & potentially rainy weather (not inside)
  • – Flow Toys* (including hoops & poi) allowed outdoors but not inside
  • – Totems (except see forbidden materials above) allowed outdoors but not inside
  • – Hand fans (allowed but do not make audible sounds that will disrupt the observance of music)
  • – If you do the glitter, please use biodegradable glitter and look up the harmful effects glitter causes our environment. 

*Must be handled responsibly with awareness of personal space & stay out of high traffic areas.

  • – Good vibes only! Treat everyone and everything with respect. Don’t be a jerk!
  • – No ins & outs
  • – No crowd surfing
  • – No cigarette smoking in crowds / please use vapes instead.
  • – No throwing objects or liquids
  • – No littering
  • – No unauthorized vending (i.e. large quantities of any goods that could be sold or distributed – e.g. handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.)
  • – No flash videography or prolonged flash 
  • – Please pay mind to proper disposal of waste items! We will have compostrecycling, and trash.

Take any lost items to the info booth at the merch tent.

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Sponsorship Requests:

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Seismic Spring: Lite Edition (May 19-20, 2023)

Seismic Dance Event 6.0 (Nov 10-12, 2023)

The Concourse Project
8509 Burleson Road
Austin, TX 78719


Festival Box Office Hours:


Seismic Dance Event returns for its special 5th year edition on November 11, 12, 13 of 2022 in Austin, TX! Seismic shakes up the norm as a boutique music festival curated specifically for house, techno & underground music enthusiasts. The DJ Mag Best of North America nominee is the only house & techno music festival of the Southern US with an intimate, boutique size and a reputation for its impeccable crowd culture and thick vibes.

Seismic takes place over 7+ acres of land and featuring three stages (Volcano, Tsunami, & Frequency) and 50+ global headlining artists featuring top regional acts, world class production, top of the line performers, art installations, food trucks, and vibes for days! Stay tuned for more info to be shared on our socials and site. 😉

Breakin through the underground… let’s make it shake

Travel Info

Austin Travel


There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to getting to the festival! 

For group transportation we will be offering shuttle services from a location in downtown Austin and partnering with Fetii to offer discounted rates for large group rideshares. More information to come on both of these options!

Traveling solo or with just a few people? We recommend using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. 

We will also have limited parking available on-site.



We recommend staying in downtown Austin or close to the airport for ease of commuting back and forth to the festival. 

Downtown: a bit further and pricier but most are walking distance from plenty of Austin attractions!

Recommendations: The Line, Fairmont, Hilton Garden Inn, Aloft Austin Downtown

Closer to the airport: closer to the festival, more budget friendly, but further away from the action of Austin.

Recommendations: Courtyard by Marriott Austin Airport, Hyatt Place Austin Airport, Hilton Austin Airport


Austin Eat


Breakfast: Kerby Lane, Snooze, Brunch Bird, Bird Bird Biscuit 

BBQ: Terry Blacks, Franklins BBQ (if you don’t mind a line early in the morning!), Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Tacos: Torchy’s (a classic!), Veracruz All Natural, Nixta Taqueria, De Nada Cantina

Vegetarian Options: The Vegan Nom, Nissi Vegan Mexican Vegmex, Rebel Cheese, Bouldin Creek 

Sweet Treats: Gordough’s Big Fat Donuts, Amy’s Ice Cream, Churro Co

Coffee: Jo’s, Medici, Cuvee, Revival


Austin Drink


East Austin: Lazarus Brewing, Whisler’s, Zilker Brew Co, Ah Sing Den, Central Machineworks

Downtown: Coconut Club, Wanderlust Wine Co., Higher Ground



Our favorite spot to go is South Congress! You can find anything from a cute new fit to handcrafted jewelry and art. If you’re looking for something a bit more familiar, the 2nd Street district has got you covered.

Or, of course, save that shopping money for official merch and our dope vendors on site!


Austin Explore


Looking for a little bit of nature in the city? Here are a few spots to check out!

  • Zilker Park
  • Auditorium Shores
  • Lady Bird Lake Trail
  • The Greenbelt
  • Mount Bonnell

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