What To Expect at Seismic Spring

What to expect at Seismic Spring? VIBES all day 😉
In terms of format, we’re here to confirm once and for all that the layout will model how it was last year with the hybrid indoors (featuring a new production design!) and outdoor patio. Many of you thought it was still in this layout anyway so we’re just confirming yes it will be.
Some backstory… when we first launched Seismic Spring last year, the intention was to feature a one stage outdoor experience in the field for a lite sized version of Seismic. As you know, due to weather concerns, we had to shift last year to the indoor and patio format. We all wound up loving how it turned out and had a blast. We got an extra area, added regional talent to the lineup, and got second surprise headliner sets. It was a VIBE. Our team as well as the community shared that they enjoyed this layout so when we announced Seismic Spring for 2024, we intended to do the same format again since it worked out well last year. But we still got that itch.. the hankering to try to return to the og og vision to make outdoor field happen.. so we shifted gears to try to make that a reality once and for all, but fetch isn’t going to happen.. in May at least. While we love this vision and will have to achieve it one day, May is just not our friend when it comes to weather in good ole Texas.  If you watch the forecast, it changes near daily but the one thing that stays consistent is nearly every week of the month has rain forecasts. 
While we worked on multiple plans for the outdoor-only experience as well as the hybrid indoor/patio model, we came to terms that the doper plan for this edition is to truly stick with the indoor + patio format giving us two stages instead of one. Not only because of our concern about the changing and inconsistent weather forecasts, but with various considerations at play as well. All in all, we’re just more confident with this plan and have more excitement for the production and all that it entails for our team and for you. We’re pretty pumped and look forward to seeing y’all in less than 2 weeks!
TLDR: Two stages (inside as main and patio as second). Get ready for the additional local lineup announces for the patio (since we get the added area), extended timeframe to ~3am without having to buy an extra afters ticket, and gear up for a production makeover inside The Concourse Project! It’s always a treat debuting the new production rig when Seismic comes around the corner… a new one awaits us.

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