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Seismic 3.3 Lineup is HERE

See what artists will be gracing the stages at Seismic 3.3 and check out our statement on covid formatting!

New Seismic 3.3 Playlists!

Get amped for Spring 2021 and check out our Volcano & Tsunami playlists.

A Seismic shift to the fall

Seismic 3.0 is moving to November 13, 14, & 15. Read our statement for more details.

Stay safe and stay tuned

As of last week, we were still on as planned. As of this week, we’re digesting all the developing information, guidelines, and assessing next steps.

Seismic 3.0 Revealed!

Seismic 2.0 aftershock sends us straight into a surprising 3.0 reveal!